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  • SaudiArabia

    Saudi Arabia Condemns Terrorism after Sentencing Islamists

    Saudi Arabia strongly criticized terrorist and criminal actions in the name of religion and sectarian…

  • Two girls sitting on the stairs in a low income neighborhood.

    Gang Life Brings Deep Health Risks for Girls

    Being involved in a gang poses considerable health-related risks for adolescent African American girls, including…

  • Poroshenko_Putin

    Putin and Poroshenko Conclude First Face-to-Face Talks

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko, concluded their first face-to-face talks…

  • 06senate2-600

    US Congressmen Receive Three Times Employee Salary

    US Congress members receive three times the salary than that of the average salary paid…

  • alternavox_logo

    UN Rapporteur Requests Israel Access to Occupied Palestine

    The new United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Makarim Wibisono,…